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Bonnie Green is an attorney with more than 25 years of experience handling appeals and complex litigation matters.  She applies her skills of detailed preparation, thoughtful legal strategy, and persuasive brief writing to advocate for the firm’s clients.  Bonnie’s practice focuses primarily on appellate litigation in state and federal courts. Bonnie also collaborates with other lawyers and law firms to develop an analysis of their cases, providing her insights and expertise in legal writing and procedure to position their clients for success.

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Appellate Litigation

Representing clients in appeals in state and federal courts.

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From Our Clients

When I had an important 4th Circuit case, I knew it was essential to get an appellate expert on board to assist. Bonnie Green stepped in to help and was a tremendous asset in every sense. She was able to help me with not only interpreting the rules and understanding the procedure but also with things such as drafting my brief in the most persuasive way and properly preparing for oral arguments. It was money well spent and resulted in a large victory for my client. I could not have done it without her expertise.
Lori Keeton
Bonnie is a brilliant and gifted legal researcher and writer. She took the lead on a federal appeal my client filed and won, from the notice of appeal to the oral argument; she also helps me issue spot, research, and write in clients' complex commercial disputes. Her biggest strength is explaining novel, complex legal issues in simple terms that are persuasive to the court or arbitrator. Her confidence is contagious. I highly recommend Bonnie if you need help with an appeal or other legal issue.
Heather Culp

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