Appellate Litigation

Representing clients in appeals in state and federal courts.

Bonnie Green’s primary area of practice is appellate litigation. After trial, either party may appeal the verdict or specific rulings made by the trial court. If one party appeals, the other party may cross-appeal additional issues. There are also interlocutory appeals, meaning appeals from rulings that are not final; interlocutory appeals are permitted only if certain factors are met.  

Bonnie has expertise in identifying issues for appeal, analyzing those issues, and writing winning briefs. Bonnie is knowledgeable about the special procedural rules and formatting requirements unique to appellate litigation. In her appellate practice, Bonnie represents clients directly, serves as co-counsel with trial lawyers, and consults and collaborates with trial lawyers.  

In addition to her private practice, Bonnie is on the North Carolina Appellate Defender’s private roster for indigent criminal appeals and is a member of the Fourth Circuit Discretionary Panel. She is also active in the North Carolina Bar Association Appellate Practice Section, of which she is a former Council Member. Bonnie frequently networks with other North Carolina and national appellate lawyers and judges and attends seminars to improve her appellate advocacy.

Other Practice Areas

Motions Practice

Working with trial lawyers to prepare and defend dispositive motions, including motions to dismiss and summary judgment motions.

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Substantive Areas

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes of all sizes and in many substantive areas of law.

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Trial Consultation

Partnering with trial lawyers to position litigation and appeals for success.

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