Motions Practice

Working with trial lawyers to prepare and defend dispositive motions, including motions to dismiss and summary judgment motions.

Many cases are resolved prior to trial when a party files a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment.  Bonnie Green has extensive experience preparing such motions and defending those motions when they are filed by an opposing party.  

An effective motions practice can save clients time and money—positioning clients to prevail without going to trial.  For plaintiffs, defeating a dispositive motion is critical to ensuring the client presents its case to a jury or reaches a favorable settlement.  In her motions practice, Bonnie frequently works collaboratively with other lawyers and law firms throughout North Carolina on developing arguments, legal research, and writing winning briefs. She handles dispositive motions in business litigation, personal injury cases, products liability cases, employment litigation, professional negligence cases, and civil rights litigation, among others.

Other Practice Areas

Appellate Litigation

Representing clients in appeals in state and federal courts.

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Substantive Areas

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes of all sizes and in many substantive areas of law.

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Trial Consultation

Partnering with trial lawyers to position litigation and appeals for success.

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