Trial Consultation

Partnering with trial lawyers to position litigation and appeals for success.

Preserving errors during trial can make all the difference if the case is appealed. Bonnie Green’s knowledge and expertise in appellate procedure is invaluable during trial to create a favorable record.  

There are specific procedural rules requiring the filing of post-trial motions prior to filing an appeal. Bonnie advises clients and other lawyers on filing post-trial motions and preparing for an appeal. Bonnie also guides clients through the important considerations regarding posting security when filing an appeal or staying the enforcement of a judgment pending appeal. These cases most often arise in the North Carolina district and superior courts and federal district courts.

Other Practice Areas

Appellate Litigation

Representing clients in appeals in state and federal courts.

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Motions Practice

Working with trial lawyers to prepare and defend dispositive motions, including motions to dismiss and summary judgment motions.

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Substantive Areas

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in disputes of all sizes and in many substantive areas of law.

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